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    Welcome to Crazy Carl's Chengdu City Quick Reference Page  

The Map

This information is primarily intended to help people who are looking for loactions to purchase motorcycle or photographic gear in Chengdu and should be used in conjunction with a good paper map.

I've also added a couple placemarks which may be useful to help you find your way around wether you're new to town or just passing through.

Click on the icons for more info.

Following placemarks include:

  • Motorcycle and Photo locations: The real deal on where locals get the goods.

  • Common Tourist Transportation depots: Train, Airport and Bus Station

  • Shopping and eating areas: Western restaurants, popular shopping dives and a bookstore

  • Official Stuff: Passport and driving license locations

Download the KMZ files for use with Google Earth here.







Driving License Exam

Those interested in getting a driver's license can download the current Sichuan Province Driving Exam Questions (English Version) below.



For your travel safety and photogrpahic enjoyment please be sure to keep an eye on the weather and sun light conditions.  



D/L motorcycle exam here

Click for Chengdu, Sichuan Forecast  



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